Sunday, April 18, 2010

Currently Busy With The Preparations For The Next Ta'aruf on 25th APRIL 2010

Src's is currently busy with the preparations for the next ta'aruf on 25th April 2010. The Director for the next ta'aruf is Mdm Hartini and the Src's in charge is our Deputy President, External Communications and Ta'aruf, Mr. Rasydan Ma'at.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Exam week has just started,and we personally at SRC felt a little mix feeling.We felt happy,but sad and worried all this feeling together.we felt happy because it is a new start for us 10/11 bash to work something new for our iic-ien,as matter affect,we have plan many Interesting one(haha).Besides that, we are working towards enchancing the enviroment of the college.ok back to the feeling,we at first feel happy,but at times we do feel sad,because,we have to live the 09/10 src,they have help and guide us,without them ,who knows what might happen.we hope that that the 10/11 src will have a great future ahead.AMIN~ as mentioned before,exam week is HERE,and like most of us,we do face many problem..But alhamdulilah,we manage to face it well..