Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bai'ah Ceremony (24th January 2011)

Date : 24th January 2011
Venue: Great Hall, IIC
Time: 11.00am - 1.00pm

Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah S.W.T., our very first bai'ah ceremony been held smoothly. Thanks also to our ex-SRC member whose been so kind in helping us. Salutation to our MC of the day, Bro. Zulhafeez (DP). Eventhough he was nervous at first, but he manage to overcome it and become our MC for our bai'ah ceremony. Last but not least, SRC would like to wish the new student, WELCOME TO IIC. AHLAN WA SAHLAN.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

SRC new member

Great Hall IIC, 19th Jan – Today have been held one of the most important event in International Islamic College (IIC) which is the Student Representative Council (SRC) Presidential Selection 2011/2012. This event was held from 2.00pm until 7.00pm.

Before this, on 12th January, the names of 30 successful candidates have been announced. They have been divided into three group of 10 and given a task that they have to complete within a week. They have to prepare a proposal. Today, they have to present the proposal and compete against each other in order to gain the position in SRC. The competition is quite tough since it is the selection of the best among the best.

During the presentation, they are judged by several great people in IIC. They are Madam Nurul Iman Dzulkefly (Manager STADD), Madam Safwati (Manager Convo representing Dean CEL – Madam Carol), Sir Husam (representing Dean SOSS, later joint by Madam Wan Zainira), Madam Noraini Haryati (Dean SICT) and Madam Suhana (Dean SOM). From 30 candidates, 17 successful candidate (the 18th will be done by another of selection – Interview) have earned their position in SRC 2011/2012.

Through the syura of 17 SRC members, the council have made their decision. The President of SRC 2011/2012 is Mohammad NoorNaim B. Mohd Nasir replacing the President of SRC 2010/2011 – Nur Muhammad Syafiq B. Sulaiman.

There have been some changes in SRC. Deputy President 1 - Ta'aruf have changed to Deputy President 2. Deputy President 1 now handling External Affairs and Degree Management replacing Deputy President 2 - Internalization. Exco Ilmiah and Career Development and Exco Sports and Recreational Development. Before this, they are Exco Academic and Career Development and Exco Sports and Ilmiah.

Students' Representative Council 2011/2012


President SRC -
Muhammad NoorNaim Bin Mohd Nasir
Vice President -
Atiqah Binti Muhammad Tahar
Deputy President 1, External Affairs and Degree Management -
(to be selected - Interview)
Deputy President 2, Ta'aruf -
Muhammad Zulhafeez Bin Shaidin
Secretary General -
Nurul Fatihah Binti Azhar
Honorary Treasurer -
Sharifah Nur Athirah

Exco Committee:

Exco Welfare and Spiritual
(Head) - Nurul Ain Binti Khambali
(Asst.) - Fairuz Ashikin Binti Ahmad Fuaad
Exco Economy and Entrepeneurship
(Head) - Wan Nur Hazlina Binti Wan Ismail
(Asst.) - Fairuz Nadhirah Binti Mohd Puzi
Exco Ilmiah and Career Development
(Head) - Ettria Deni Binti Darmawi
(Asst.) - Siti Aishah Binti Ahmed Fuzi
Exco Clubs and Societies Management
(Head) - Farah Rasyidah Binti Harire
(Asst.) - Nurafiqahtulaqmal Binti Mohd Suria
Exco Information and Inquiry
(Head) - Muhammad Nur Hayyan Bin Mohd Zuhri
(Asst.) - Siti Nura Adila Binti Samad
Exco Sports and Recreational Development
(Head) - Nor Lailatul Syahirah Binti Mohd Safiee
(Asst.) - Nurul Amirah Binti Ahdullah

Let’s all hope that the new selected SRC members will hold the amanah and do their responsible as the one who lead. InshaALLAH.

-posted by MNH II-